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            State v. F. M.

            Case dismissed

            Case dismissed on date of trial.

            State v. M. G.

            Case dismissed

            Case dismissed. Client videoed repeatedly hitting her son with belt.

            Agg. Robbery And Sexual Assault

            State v. E. C.

            Charges reduced

            Client faced 5-99 year prison term. DA’s original offer was 20 years prison. Plead client to 5 years. Dismissed sexual assault. Eligible for parole in 18 months.


            State v. J.C.R.


            Collin County Case. Client rear-ended another driver on George Bush Toll road; client's alleged speed was 110 miles per hour and blood alcohol concentration 0.15 at time of impact; victim permanently blinded and disfigured by accident; prosecutor asked jury for 15 years prison; jury verdict was 10 years probation; client hired our firm one month prior to trial date; client's previous attorney advised client to accept prosecutor's offer of 8 years prison.

            State v. J.B.

            No billed by Grand Jury

            Case No-Billed by Grand Jury 9/23/15. Client's friend bumped into a drunk patron (Complainant) at a Dallas bar. Complainant followed client's friend outside to the parking lot, sucker-punched him, and continued beating him while he was unconscious. Client grabbed a tool from him truck and struck the Complainant once in the face causing severe injury. Our office obtained a recording of the Complainant's friend saying the Complainant was drunk that night and was looking for a fight. No criminal charges filed against our client.


            State v. G.L.

            Charge reduced

            Client and co-defendant arrested for breaking into victim’s 青海福彩网app官方下载, assaulting victim with a baseball bat and stealing cash. Prosecutor’s original offer was 15 years prison. Charge reduced to lesser included offense, 4 years deferred probation, no conviction. Co-defendant received prison time.


            State v. P.W.

            Case dismissed on day of trial

            Dallas County case. Case dismissed on 2/10/2016. Client and his boyfriend got into a physical altercation after drinking. Client arrested and charged with assault. Case dismissed on day of trial.

            State v. P.L.

            Case dismissed on day of trial

            Dallas County case. Case dismissed on 1/20/2016. Client's ex-boyfriend broke into client's 青海福彩网app官方下载, started a fight, and then called the police on client alleging he was assaulted. Client arrested and charged with assault family violence. Client rejected State's offer of class C deferred reduction. 

            State v. A.J.

            No billed by Grand Jury

            Dallas County Case. Case No Billed by Grand Jury on 12/18/2015.

            State v. M.M.

            Case dismissed

            Dismissed on 9/09/15 in Dallas County.

            State v. K.M.

            Case dismissed

            Case Dismissed. Dallas County.


            State vs. D.S.

            Avoided deportation

            Client, non-US citizen, arrested for assaulting fiance, had active warrants and gave a fake name to the police. Both charges dismissed for plea on class C disorderly conduct, no fine, no conviction. Client avoided deportation consequences.

            AUTO ACCIDENT

            State vs. M.T.

            Not guilty verdict

            Client rear-ended another vehicle. Alleged BAC was .28 (over three times the legal limit). Blood evidence suppressed due errors in search warrant affidavit. Not Guilty jury verdict.


            State v. O.T.

            Case dismissed

            Dismissed in Dallas County


            State v. W.M.

            Case dismissed

            Case Dismissed on 12/18/2015. Client arrested for threatening and charging at a co-worker with a power saw at a construction site.


            State v. J. O.

            Case re-filed

            Case re-filed as Obstruction of a Highway. Blood draw revealed high levels of Xanax and Marijuana in system.

            State v. R. R. C.

            Case dismissed

            Case dismissed.

            State v. P.P.

            DWI dismissed

            Dallas County case. Dismissed on 2/8/2016. Client pulled over for speeding. Admitting to drinking while on airplane and taking cough medicine with codeine. Client's alleged BAC over .08. DWI DISMISSED and refiled as Obstruction of a Highway, 12 months deferred probation.

            DWI > 0.15

            State v. E.M.

            DWI dismissed

            Hopkins County case. DWI dismissed on 10/14/15. Client pulled over for going through a stop sign. Blood alcohol concentration was 0.18, more than twice the legal limit. Convinced prosecutor that client came to a full and complete stop at the stop sign, and that there was no probable cause for the client to be pulled over. Client was a non-U.S. citizen and avoided deportation consequences.

            State v. H. J. R.

            Not Guilty verdict

            Not Guilty jury verdict. Client’s alleged BAC was 0.25 (three times legal limit). Client ran over a gas pipe with his truck.

            EVADING ARREST

            State v. J.C.

            Charges dropped

            Client was a coach for a 9-year old girls' sports team. Off-duty police officer sat behind coach heckling her during the entire game. Client turned around and told officer to shut up, and officer came down out of the stands and grabbed client by the arm. Officer later had client arrested for "Evading Arrest" when she pulled away from him after he grabbed her. Charges dropped by the County Attorney's office.


            State v. A.J.

            No billed by Grand Jury

            Dallas County Case. Case No Billed by Grand Jury on 12/18/2015.


            State v. M.B.

            Case dismissed

            Client pulled over for no license plate light. Consented to vehicle search and police found methamphetamine in glove box. Case dismissed at first court setting in Tarrant County.

            State v. E. M.

            Reduced charge

            Client in possession of methamphetamine; DA agreed to reduce the charge to class “C” Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, no fine with credit for one day in jail.


            State v. L.T.

            Case dismissed

            Dismissed on 11/13/2015 in Dallas County case. Client arrested for growing marijuana in his 青海福彩网app官方下载. Case dismissed on second court setting.


            State v. C.D.

            Charge reduced

            Parker County case. Client indicted for fraudulently accepting $32,000.00 in food stamps over 6 years; DA's initial offer was 8 years prison; charge reduced to Tampering with a Government Record, no fine, no conviction, 5 years deferred probation.

            FLEEING POLICE

            State v. R.R.

            Avoided parole revocation

            Dallas County. Case resolved 9/23/15. Client on parole for burglary and had multiple warrants out for his arrest. Pulled over for running a stop sign. Client tried to run after being pulled over. Plead client to time served on his new case and avoided parole revocation on his burglary charge.


            State v. R. B.

            Case dismissed

            Case dismissed. Convenience store clerk forgot to card an underage customer. Avoided deportation consequences.


            State v. D.M.

            Deferred probation

            Dallas County case. 7 years deferred probation, no fine on 11/23/2015. Client arrested for selling medical grade methamphetamine out of his 青海福彩网app官方下载 over a 2 year period (1st degree felonies). Prosecutor had asked judge for 20 years prison during sentencing.


            State v. B. P.

            Case dismissed

            Case dismissed. Client found with un-prescribed Xanax in backpack during traffic stop (Tarrant County).

            State v C.W.

            No billed by Grand Jury

            No Billed by Grand Jury. Client arrested in DFW airport after drug dog alerted to THC concentrates in luggage

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